A Communication Agency based on true stories.

This is what really happened When Bobby Met Bannister.

Our story

This is a true story, about two athletes who both achieved something unique and remarkable, and therefore together they would create the name and inspiration of a Communication Agency in the small town of Alingsås, Sweden.

On one side, Bobby Fischer – the world champion in the play of chess, the guy who set a world record of the most unique moves in the game. Strategic and a long-term thinker with the capability of finding new ways to overcome his opponent.

On the other hand, Sir Roger Bannister – a long distance runner, who ran a race in Oxford in 1954 even thou he wasn´t supposed. But he did. He ran the English Mile below 4 minutes (3 min, 59 sec point 4) as the first man in the world. An effort no one thought would be possible, but afterwords many more were to accomplish the same performance as they too saw that it was possible.

Unique and strategic. Boundary-breaking performance. Bobby and Bannister. Hey that´s a good name for a creative agency, right? And that´s what happened When Bobby Met Bannister.


01. Content Communication

With extensive experience of content work, we can offer our services to produce editorial texts both in print and on social media, script to commercials / documentaries as well as the story in a brand. We have operated several major events within the sports industry and created the content of a full-scale event.

02. Visual Communication

Your message needs to be expressed and executed in a captivated graphic design to build a brand, attract a target audience or change an attitude. The visual communication can take the form of a new identity, in desktop publishing, adverts or environmental design as well as a strong and confident packaging. Graphic design with a firm guidelines is our bible.

03. Event Production

We gather fans! With music concepts, lightshows, big content of activities and of course well designed information on digital screens. The arena is like our canvas where we express and bring everyone together for the goal of success and enthusiasm. With over 15 years of dj-ing, music supervision, event production and arena branding we know how an audience behave and how to create a great vibe, no matter if it’s a press conference or a game during the finales of the championship.

04. Inhouse Film, Photo & Audio Production

We like to have control of the hole chain in the production, therefore we not only create the idea, the moodboards and the art direction but we also do film, photography and post production. This will cut the cost for our clients and it also gives us a better view of the entire project. During the years we have enhanced visual brands in motion graphics, created promotion videos and branding images as well as voice overs and audio logos.

Our clients